Welcome to our website where we showcase some of our furry friends.  We love to share the joy that these soft furry bundles bring us joy every day.  Rabbits are easy to care for and soon you will discover rabbits are tremendously personal. The beauty of watching the little ones grow, each with their own personality is really delightful.

We are breeders based in Pretoria.   We breed with normal dwarf and Jersey woolly ( dwarf Angora rabbits).   It is our aim to get our dwarf rabbits as near to the Netherland dwarf as possible. This means smaller ears and bigger head (flat face) and they should not weigh more than one kilogram.

Both the jersey wooly and netherland dwarfs are excellent pets.  The Netherland Dwarf’s head and eyes are disproportionately large with respect to its body. The ears are tiny and carried high on the head. Additionally, the face is rounded and shortened. You will also find that they have a compact and rounded body.

The Jersey wooly (JW) is sometimes referred to as dwarf  or miniature angora, which is not entirely true.  Jersey wooly has more undercoat  coarse hair than angora (angora is bigger in size and has more wool). SO it is not prone to matting or does not cause woolblock.  JW was develop as a crossed between a Netherland Dwarf and French Angora.They are a small compact little rabbit,and weighs just little over kilo.  They have short ears and a wonderful thick long wool coat that is easy to take care of, especially after the rabbit is mature.  You only need to brush jersey wooly once a month and a bit more during shedding season.

There is different spelling to jersey wooly… jersey woolly, jersey woolley …

Ons liefde vir dwerghasies of te wel konyntjies het jare terug ontstaan. En so het ons soektog begin om die bestes te versamel en te teel. Adorable bunnies is reeds etlike jare gevestig in Pretoria en spesaliseer in twee lyne van dwerg hasies, naamlik die nederlandse konyntjie (hasie) en die dwerg angora (jersey woollie)

Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association

We are registered with the Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association.