Frequently asked questions

How old should my child be before he could have a rabbit as a pet?

Rabbits are not good pets for children under 7 years of age. Rabbits, especially smaller breeds are physically delicate and can easily be hurt by young children.

Why buy from a breeder than a Pet shop owner.

The animal cages are clean and well cared for. Bedding is dry. Rabbits have sufficient room for moving around, good light and good air. The breeder pays attention to them. The breeder will provide good tips for caring for your bunny.

Are rabbits sensitive towards temperatures?

Rabbits are very susceptible to heat stress and can die of heatstroke. Be very cautious when the temperature rises above 29.4C. If the weather is hot make sure your rabbit is out of the sun and in the shade. To keep the bunny cool you can rest him/her on tiles or marble or provide an icepack to lie near. Mist to the ears can also help dissipate heat.

Is it cruel to have only one rabbit?

It is not cruel to have only one rabbit. However, they are social animals and it is preferable that there should at least be two.

I do not want any off spring.

The best and cheapest option is to take the male rabbit to a vet to have him neutered. The male can be neutered from 4-6 months of age. The male marks his territory by spraying urine. After neutering, this passes and he becomes dependent and tame.

When can I take the little ones away from their mother?

It is best to obtain young rabbits but not too young (it is cruel to take one at 4-5 weeks of age). The bunny should be at least 8 weeks old and should be fully weaned on to solid food.

Wat is die verskil tussen ‘n konyn en ‘n haas?