Grooming your rabbit

Combing a dwarf rabbit

Rabbits groom their coats regularly with the help of their tongues. During shedding season, you should brush your bunny to remove old and loose hair.

However, the angora rabbits should be groomed daily with a special brush fitted with metal bristles. During the warm African summers you also need to give them a haircut regularly.

Check the teeth regularly because the animal can have malocclusion of the teeth. This is a condition where the teeth do not meet each other and grow so long that the rabbit can no longer eat. If this happens, you should take your rabbit to a vet.

Some books recommend that you can cut the claws yourself and other recommend that the vet should do it.  If you feel at all uncomfortable about doing it yourself, please take your bunny to the vet.

Regularly cut the hair of an angora rabbit around the sex organs so that the faeces do not get caught or stuck in it. Use a cotton pad with a little baby oil and wipe the rabbit’s skin folds to remove any deposits on it or you can just use a cloth with lukewarm water. Never bath a rabbit.